Monday, December 07, 2015

Week One Of Elf Watch 2015

Bernard Is Back!

The first week of December and the first seven days of Bernard's shenanigans has been amazing and gone by very quickly.

Day one
He's Back! 

Day two
Guess I won't be having a smoothie. 
Loki is checking out Bernard from the safety of outside

Day three
Bernard fancied himself a Captain 

Day four
I think we may have had a visitor last night, perhaps another mischievous elf.

Day five
Well that's one way to get from the tree to the shelf and back again.

Day six
I went away for the weekend and found him here when I got home. 
Looks like someone got a little skerd while I was away.

Day seven
Bernard is ready for his Christmas card photo shoot!

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  1. LOL....I love the Elf! It is always fun to find things to do with them