Thursday, November 12, 2015

The time for Christmas is now

If you are not a fan of Christmas and the sights of merriment and joyful decorations is not your idea of a good time, then this website for the next two months is not going to be your favourite place.

If however, you enjoy Christmas and all of the seasonal triumphant things that go along with it, you are in for a treat and some serious eye candy. 

I will be having lots of posts in the coming weeks showcasing Christmas projects and a peek into my home at Christmas. 

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Tomorrow I will be posting one of the finished cross stitch ornaments I am planning to give as gifts.
Here is a sneak peak, just for you.

I will of course be offering A5 December planner sheets again this year, and will have them on the blog available for download by (American) Thanksgiving.

I'll also be posting a crochet pattern and a few ideas for holiday bath products.

Stay tuned for all the holiday crafting!

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