Friday, November 13, 2015

Country Snowman Cross Stitch Pillow Ornament

I am in love with this little snowman ornament I stitched up for my Step Monster (an affectionate term).

I know she is going to love it as well, which made it that much more enjoyable to make.  

I'm trying my best this year to give at least one hand made gift to the closest people in my life. 

The only problem is I have left this genius brainwave to the last minute, (as usual) and don't have much time to complete my self appointed mission. 

This mission difficult just because mission Christmas impossible.

But, what's life without a little pressure--- right? 

I saw a design for this ornament on Pintrest a few weeks ago, though the image I found on Nelii's blog is very different from the original pattern. 

The original design is called "I'll keep you warm all winter long" designed by Val's Stuff. Though I love the pattern, I did lean more toward the colouring and styling of Nelii's piece.  

I decided to finish the piece as a beaded pillow ornament. I used the information from two different tutorials found here and here. I combined the two and added a little twist of my own, to get the result I had envisioned.

I used the same 32 ct linen fabric for the back and added the year as well as a hand made charm. 

For the design work I used double stranded Weeks Dye Works cotton 6 ply embroidery floss. It is by far my favourite floss to use with natural coloured linen fabric.

Finally I twisted a section of DMC floss together, for the hanging tag and called her complete.

This is going to be an early gift given this weekend when I travel to Ottawa, Ontario for a visit. Can't wait to give this to her, she is a big fan of anything handmade.



  1. So cute! You're so talented 😊

  2. Replies
    1. BTW, Megs is one of my nicknames too! :D

    2. Thanks so much I'm glad you like it, it was so much fun to make. I was hoping to make more this year but, I'm in the process of moving into my new home and that has taken up all of my crafting time. Also, awesome nickname, if I do say so myself!

  3. I love this snowman! Is there a pattern you are sharing?

  4. Love the way you finished this ornament off. Great job.

  5. Love this snowman. Would love to get a copy of the pattern to make for my daughter's tree. Are you sharing it?

    Thank you.

    Taunty Donna