Friday, February 06, 2015

Swoon List Valentine's Day Edition


It's been a while since I've posted a Swoon List and I was looking through some Valentine's Day ideas on Pintrest and couldn't help but, share some of the lovely ideas.

Talk about a Romantic getaway, I love this rooms styling so much. I seriously just want to curl up and crochet or read in it all day.

I think it's good that my home doesn't look like this because I would never leave!

Photo from the blog Remodelando la Casa
This easy to follow tutorial on covering letters with yarn is right up my alley, I am seriously tempted to make it for this year's decorations.

Tutorial can be found on the blog my sisters suitcase
Call me sappy but, if I came home to something like this I would be a very happy lady.

found on the Signeroo blog
I love how something so simple, can make such a bit impact.

 this garland is available on the Etsy shop TheLittleThingsEV
If you were thinking of baking a cake this year Better Recipes shows how you can make a heart shape without a special pan. Genius!

image found here
I would literately flip my lid if I got this. I can't even explain how much I love it; I don't know if I could open it though. You can buy the tiny parcel and even super tiny hand written letters at The Worlds Smallest Post Service

image from the Pink Pistachio blog

I love this idea, I've seen it done with felt but this is very snazzy for Valentine's Day with the sequins. 

I printed out a copy of this Free Printable from TomKat Studios and added it to my photo gallery in my front Hall. I have one picture frame that gets a different holiday photo added to it as the seasons change. This printable was too good to pass up.

Photo from the TomKat Studio blog
This is such a simple and clever idea; it would be a great project to do with kids as well.

you can find the tutorial at the clumsy crafter

Love this book page bunting; I'd probably keep it up all year! 

From Rebecca Cooper Photography
And lastly this incredibly adorable idea, I think I'll be making something similar this weekend, I have a small white jug that would look great with some Valentine's day twigs in it.

Tutorial found on Money Hip Mamas blog

I hope you enjoyed the Valentines edition of the Swoon List. I'm going to get crafting now!


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  1. I like all of the displays. The cake is a brilliant idea. I could do that if my oven worked. Also the white pitcher with tree limbs. The foot steps to the coffee pot. ETC. Ditto for all.