Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sacred Spirit Shawl

I got down to the wire on completing this shawl.

Shocking I know.

I've been working on this shawl for a few months as a Christmas gift for my Step Monster (an affectionate nickname I assure you), some people deserve hand knits and she is one of them.

I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern in the last two rows.

On the last knitted row their were a lot of beads added. Almost every other stitch had a bead on it. This looked great on the sample knits I saw of the shawl but, with the weight of my yarn and the fact that it was a singles yarn with quite the halo it just wasn't looking right to me.

So I decided to only add the beads that finished of the boarder pattern and not add the extra beads.

When it came down to the bind off the pattern recommended a picot bind off. Again it looked great in the sample knits but, wasn't looking right on mine. That could be a personal preference, could be the yarn or it could be because it didn't have all of the beads to weight it down. Regardless of the reason I went with my favorite stretchy bind off and called it good. 

Over all I loved working on this shawl and really enjoyed the yarn and working with the beads. I had a little trouble figuring out how to position the shawl for blocking and think I will change it a bit the next time I block it but, over all I was happy.

Most importantly the recipient loved it, and what crafter can ask for more than that..

Pattern: Sacred Spirit  by Boo Knits.

Yarn: Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in the Avalon color way

To see more details on the shawl check out my Ravelry project page here.


  1. That must be the prettiest shawl I have ever seen. Of course the recipient loved it!

    1. Thank you so much Una, I'm always a little nervous giving someone a handmade gift. I always worry I won't pick out the right pattern for them. I've gotten over my obsession with perfection (thank goodness), I now feel every little mistake is my signature ;)