Thursday, February 05, 2015

Organization Is Needed, Consider This The Before

I am one of those people who needs to organize their space after every project they finish.

During the Christmas season I had so many projects on the go, I never had a chance to organize things.

So when I went into my studio last week to get out my blocking mats for the sacred spirit shawl, I was amazed I had gotten things into such a state.

My Goodness! I know I'm messy and like chaos but, this is ridiculous.

I got to the point that I was just setting things anywhere. As you can see in the stacking white bins I have all of my recent fiber waiting to be photographed for Ravelry and put away.

My yarn cubbies need some orgnization for sure.

I can't even get to my cutting table anymore, not that there is enough room to cut on it anyway.

Most importantly I am in desperate need of a place to put some of my tools. 

Queue the peg board you see leaning against the wall in this photo. I am planning to mount and paint this board to hold all of my tools for quilting and such.

The next time you see this room it will be in tip top shape.


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