Thursday, January 15, 2015

Epic Fail on Elf Watch

Well I've started the New Year off with an epic fail.

It's already the middle of January and I still haven't posted the last installment of  what Bernard got up to.

My New Years resolution was to blog more, looks like I'm going to have to work a lot harder to achieve that goal.

It's not like my life doesn't have things going on, I just don't take the time to fill you in.

That stops now!

I promise to work a lot harder to keep projects posted and get some new tutorials up.

As for Bernard the remainder of his December was very eventful.

Day Fifteen:

Getting down to to wire.

Day Sixteen: 

 Making his list and checking it twice. That is a lot of sugar!

Day Seventeen:

He is obsessed  with sugar but, at least he has great manners.

Day Eighteen:

Practicing his Christmas wrapping

Day Nineteen:

Chillin' up high and watching the Christmas tree.

Day Twenty:

Oh no, I'm afraid to ask.

Day Twenty One:

Looks like someone is in the mood for a Christmas movie marathon.

Day Twenty Two:

He TP'ed the tree!

Day Twenty Three:

 'nough said

Day Twenty Four:

Christmas Eve is here

Christmas Day:

Bitter sweet moments, what a great Christmas season.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the shenanigans Bernard got up to this year and I hope your Holiday Season was as amazing as mine was.

Happy 2015!