Monday, December 08, 2014

Week one of 2014 Elf on the Shelf watch

Bernard has been busy this year!

I think he's also been looking on Pinterest a lot, while we're not around.

Day one: 

Look what the Snow brought in from the North Pole

Day two:

 I know it's warmer here than in the North Pole but, this seems a little excessive!

Day three: 

Catching up on some beauty sleep.

Day four: 

I guess Bernard thought our house needed some 
more decorations--- only an elf could think that!

Day five: 

Getting a work out in, to keep up his stamina for Christmas

Day six: 

Time for a big Saturday Breakfast with friends

Day seven: 

Doughnut Snowman truly are the sweetest

To see what Bernard is up to daily follow his posts on instagram or search the hash tag #bernardshenanigans 


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