Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week Two of 2014 Elf on the Shelf watch

I can't get over how fast December is going.
It seems to just be flying by. 

 Day eight:

I'm thinking he got a little dirty playing with the powdered sugar doughnut snowmen yesterday.

Day nine:

Bernard has the sniffles, that's what happens when you stay in the shower all day.

Day ten:

Trying out being a different kind of Elf today

Day eleven:

Everyone loves a Mermaid!

Day twelve:

Looks like someone wants to go on the road trip to the city with me. Toronto Family weekend here we come.

Day thirteen:

Someone decided to have a lay in today, there is a lot of activity going on for the Family Christmas Dinner today.

Day fourteen: 

Happy to be home with his friends

Monday, December 08, 2014

Week one of 2014 Elf on the Shelf watch

Bernard has been busy this year!

I think he's also been looking on Pinterest a lot, while we're not around.

Day one: 

Look what the Snow brought in from the North Pole

Day two:

 I know it's warmer here than in the North Pole but, this seems a little excessive!

Day three: 

Catching up on some beauty sleep.

Day four: 

I guess Bernard thought our house needed some 
more decorations--- only an elf could think that!

Day five: 

Getting a work out in, to keep up his stamina for Christmas

Day six: 

Time for a big Saturday Breakfast with friends

Day seven: 

Doughnut Snowman truly are the sweetest

To see what Bernard is up to daily follow his posts on instagram or search the hash tag #bernardshenanigans 


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Black Friday 2014 Madness

I don't know about you but, I am a big lover of Black Friday.

And even though it was more like Black Thursday Night this year, a great time was still had.

We started out on Thursday morning, making sure the Cats were fed and everything packed up we started our road trip to Buffalo, NY.

I needed to make a stop for work in Mississauga, Ontario on our way through. Realizing we were close to an old favorite restaurant (and knowing nothing would be open once we got over the boarder) we decided to stop for lunch.

I lived in Mississauga for three of the longest years of my life--- I am not a city girl so that just about sent me over the edge. But, one thing the city does have over where I live now is more diverse restaurant selections.

Peter's on Eglinton was always a favorite, and every time I would get souvlaki. This time was no exception.

Entering the US was relatively fast and trouble free, then it was off to the movies once we got into the buffalo area.

 I was very excited to go see MockingJay part 1--- can you tell? It was a bit slow but, I think once part 2 comes out and you watch them both together it will be great.

Because we went to the theater that was in the Galleria and already had such a prime parking spot, we decided to kill an hour knitting until the stores opened at 6:00pm. During that time we were actually interviewed for a Buffalo news station! I'm famous! (Not really)

Once the stores opened up it was shopping time.

Lane Bryant had 50% off so, we bought out the store. I only buy clothing once a year so it was a pretty big spree. We also hit up Lush, and Target that night and then it was to the Hotel and time for some sleep.

Friday brought our big shopping day, we went to the outdoor mall for Ulta, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby and the Christmas store. Took a bit of a drive to get to Orbit. I wanted to get a wallet for my Dad, he is going to be thrilled when he opens that up at Christmas. He's been crushing on it for a while.

Back to the mall for Christmas gift shopping and then to Bravo for Dinner.

 A little bad luck found us on Saturday morning. We have automatic lights but, when valet parked our car the night before they turned the lights on and we had no idea. Well that meant Dead car in the morning. Luckily the hotel maintenance man jumped the car and we were good to go.

Trader Joe's was our last stop on Sunday morning before heading home. I got everything on my list and am super excited to get into it all. As you can see our SUV was pretty full, the car was struggling with the weight a bit. I told it to suck it up, it was all for the Christmas cause.

Getting back into Canada was relatively kerfuffle free, it took us about a half an hour to get over and everything went smoothly. 

It was an amazing weekend and I am now even more pumped for Christmas.