Monday, November 24, 2014

What The Elf?

 Boy, do I feel accomplished today.

Its amazing how much you can get done in one weekend! Of course this is not the typical weekend for me but, it is nice to have a super productive one--- once and a while.

On Friday night I finished up a blanket I have been crocheting for my cousin Katie's 2 month old little boy. 

I was working to a deadline, knowing I was going to be seeing them on Sunday. I got all the ends tied in, gave it a good wash on Saturday morning and am thrilled with how it turned out. 

Saturday morning I filmed a few new tutorials for Detox bath bombs and a few other bath product treats. I'm planning on editing the lot of them this week and starting to post in December, though I can't believe that is next week.

I also made a couple batches of cookies to take with me to a Santa Clause Parade get together my neighbor and good friend was having.  

I've made the Lacy Oatmeal Cookies quite a few times and they are always a hit. The hostess of the get together is particularly fond of these cookies so I wanted to be sure to make them. 

I also tried a new recipe, they are Almond shortbread thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam. The drizzle on top was an icing sugar and Almond extract mixture. 

The cookies were fantastic but, I found the directions for making them less than stellar. Thank goodness I had made similar cookies before and was able to read the instructions and know that what they were directing was not the correct way to go about making a delicate shortbread.

Saturday nights Parade get together was a lot of fun, the hostess had a lovely scratch made hot chocolate bar made up and a good time was had by all.

One of the nice things about our small town Parade is that it takes place at night, the floats all have lights on them and it is incredibly beautiful.

 The other great thing is that the Parade lines up right our the front of our homes. We were able to stand at the window and enjoy the Parade while sitting by the fireplace. That was an extra bonus this year as it started to rain toward the end. 

Sunday brought a trip into Peterborough, Ontario (and a chance to go to Michaels and Costco!) to attend a Family Birthday party for my Aunt Shirley's 80th.

I got to meet Logan, my newest cousin. I know I don't look happy but, I definitely was--- it's just my RBF in action.

He loved his blanket--- well not really, he's only 2 months old and had no idea what was going on. His mom (my cousin) however, loved it though and at this point that's all that matters. I do hope he grows to love it when he gets older though.

At the Parade I got some much needed help with sizing for the wrist warmers I'm making for the children in my life. I gave some at Christmas last year and all of the kids that received them requested another paid this year. Trouble was getting the sizing right, most of them fit on the snug side and some were darn near too small.

Luckily a friends daughter was at the Parade and I was able to get her to try a few different test sizes on.Bigger was better so I got started crocheting when I got home on Sunday evening. My tester requested a Yellow pair, so I picked up some yellow yarn at Michaels while I was there.

That brings us to this morning, I was up at 5:30am. Couldn't sleep worrying about the potential flooding in Buffalo, NY after the 7 feet of snow they got last week. I am supposed to be traveling there later this week for Thanksgiving and am praying that the flooding does not happen. 

Being up that early meant caffeine for me (I'm not normally a coffee person), it also meant I got to use my awesome new mug I picked up at the checkout line in Michaels yesterday. Ahh--- made the Cafe Mocha that much better.


  1. I love the blanket and that photo of the dogs watching the parade is just priceless!

    1. Oh thanks Una, so glad you like the blanket. Yes the dogs were entranced by the Parade and the sheer number of dogs that walked by!

  2. Beautiful photos! I will wait for your detox bath bombs videos. I was wondering, if you tried to make cupcake bath bombs? Lots of them have real sugar topping, which is not something I would want in my bath, but maybe we could put melt on top as a frosting? Would it stick though?

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment saulute. Just working on the finishing touches to that video and should have it up pretty soon. It's funny you mention the Cupcake bath bombs I have been researching and trying to come up with the best and most natural way to frost them. Like you, I'm not fond of the idea of soaking my pink parts in sugar. Melt might work--- I think you could get it to stick but, it wouldn't really add much to the bath and would break down at a very different timing then the bath bomb itself. I've been playing with another idea and just need to find the time to test it out. If works the way I hope it does I will let you know for sure!