Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free Printable For December Daily Planner Pages

Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly
Fa la la la la la la la la la
Tis The Season To Be Organized
Fa la la la la la la la la

Okay so that isn't exactly how the song goes but, maybe it should be.

I don't know about you but, come December I have so many things to remember, I find myself forgetting a lot.

At this time of year if I don't right it down, it comes back to bite me later on.

Last year I did well but, with the more elaborate plans for my elf on the self , I found myself deviating from his set scheduled because I wasn't prepared for that days idea.

This year I vowed it would be different!

I bought myself a A5 planner, though I wanted to get a Filofax they just didn't have a planner that suited my needs and my style completely.

Kikki.K Leather Personal (A5) Planner in Mint

I stumbled across the Kikki-K planner and fell in love with this one. The colour is lovely and it had just the right amount of front slots for me to stay organized and keep a few stickers and cards with me.

The planner did come with some basic sheets, it has month on two pages, To Do sheets, address and some other general note taking and meeting sheets. But those were not going to help me get organized for December the way I was hoping to.

I looked on Etsy and on Pintrest and though I found some great sheets nothing was exactly what I was looking for. 

So what's a girl to do but, create her own when she can't find the perfect fit.

Last weekend I started sketching out the exact information I wanted to include, a general layout and finally a colour scheme that suited the festive season.

Now I can add all of my planned Elf on the Shelf ideas and  list exactly what he'll need for each day. I can also make sure I'm keeping up with my To Do's and plans I have. 

I've enjoyed setting the daily pages up so far and think they are really going to work for me.

I also thought I would share the pages with you.


They have been designed to be printed on Letter paper front and back and cut apart. When cut they fit into an A5 planner. Though slightly longer and slightly thinner than A5 Paper, they fit well and this way you don't need to buy specially sized paper.

I have added two separate PDFs the first is the exact sheet I am using with the dates for December 2014 on them.

The second PDF file is for a blank sheet so they can be used for other months and future years.

To use simply download the files

Cut the sheets exactly in 1/2 and punch holes into them.

I have the Rapesco 6 hold adjustable punch. It's not ideal for an A5 planner because it's not wide enough to punch all 6 holes at once.

But with a little finagling I worked out where I needed to line the paper up, marked it with Washi tape for future use.

Then simply punch the first three holes, flip the paper, realign and punch the second set of holes.

I made a photo mask sheet in Photoshop for my elf on the shelf ideas. Each photo is just over an in inch, I cut them out. Organized what I wanted to do on what days (more elaborate ideas happen on the weekends) and then glued them into the designated spot.

 I wrote in any supplies I would need for that day. I'm planning on getting everything prepared in advance and keeping it in a storage container. That way on the day all that is needed is to pull everything out.

I hope you are inspired to get planning for the Holidays and enjoy the planner pages.

December 2014 A5 (1/2 Letter) Planner Pages

Blank A5 (1/2 Letter) Planner Pages


  1. these are beautiful! Christmas is my favorite time and I have been trying to "build" my own planner system as I just got back into planning these are perfect. :)

    1. So glad you like them, I'll be posting new ones for 2015 this week.

  2. How do you create these? I've been trying to make my own, but I can not figure out how to make dated pages

    1. I use Adobe Illistrator to create my planner pages, I'm sure there are many different ways this is just the way that works best for me.

  3. These are the most beautiful inserts that I have ever seen. I had been looking high and low for something like this and, BLESS YOUR HEART, you created exactly what I wished. THANK YOU.

    1. I'm so glad you like them Lily! Thank you for the lovely comment.

  4. Adorable! This was exactly what I needed this week! A cute page to sit on my counter to keep me on track! The colors match the cutest stickers I bought yesterday. I'm so happy! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!!