Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Podcast On The Horizon
I have never been a person who spends a lot of time making decisions.

Though sometimes I do envy people that do.

I tend to jump without looking and then panic because the water is pretty deep.

For example;

Should I start a Podcast? 

(Automatic) Why not!

The decision is the easy part, then comes the work. 

The planning, researching, learning about all new programs and website platforms I’ve never heard of. 

Doubt starts to creep in… 

Does anyone really care what I'm working on? 

Am I skilled enough at any one craft to really advice anyone?

Then I realized something, I'm boxing myself in.

I knew when I started my blog that it would never be focused. 

I am not a monogamous crafter. If anything I have crafting ADD and if I was going to have a blog that truly reflected my style, life and personality it would need to be diverse as well.

Therefore if the blog is eclectic in its interests (yes I am speaking as if this blog is a person) why can’t the Podcast be the same thing.

Once I gave myself permission for that, the prospect of actually creating a Podcast seems a lot less daunting. 

So here is what I know so far;

The Podcast will be a video Podcast not just audio. 

I discovered Video Podcasts not too long ago when I first received a apple TV two Christmas ago. Crafting at the time was starting to take up more and more of my free time as well as Blogs about crafting. I was reading a post by Amanda of Hey Porkchop, about the Podcasts she had been watching. I had always thought that a Podcast was only and audio file. Boy was I wrong, my addiction to TheKnitGirllls was instantaneous I started to follow TheMustStashPodcast soon after (I think they were only on the second or third episode). 

Now I have watched episodes from well over 30 crafting and lifestyle Podcast and the ladies (and a couple gentleman) have truly inspired me in ways I can never hope to repay.
My Podcast will be a look inside my current WIPs (Works in Progress), FOs (Finished Objects), what I’ve been working on and/or loving, recent purchases and reviews of products that I’ve enjoyed.
I have started a Ravelry group for friends of the Podcast and a place to share your work, ideas and meet and chat with other people with the same interests.
I’m going to start with posting ever two weeks and keep as closely to an exact schedule as my go with the flow character will allow. 
I am nervous and excited for the experience that will come from this venture and can’t wait to expand my group of crafty friends.



  1. Best of wishes for your new adventure sounds awesome


  2. Looking forward to your podcasts. Don't let the "editor" in you spoil your creativity....just be you and it will be awesome! :)