Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday Day Dreams

Oh, I'm in a wishing mood today.

It’s been dismal here recently. Been raining all weekend and what my Monday really needs is a little pick me up and some day dreaming.

Image from 100% rain blog

I've been planning (after all my Christmas presents have been made) to knit a shawl for myself. I love this pattern and colour choice. I think it may be the perfect one for my first shawl.

This pattern is by Veera at the 100% rain blog, it is called Happy Street and it does make me very happy. The pattern is €3.90 and is available on her Blog.

It’s a Neon pink and I have been very into Neon colours lately--- I don't think I'm the only one!

Image from gluten free goddess blog
 This quinoa salad with pear, baby spinach and chick peas with a maple vinaigrette sounds amazing, I think it would be the perfect fall lunch. Might be making this tonight for work the rest of the week.

Image from little cotton rabbits blog

I think I could stare at this image all day. I don't think I would put them all together. If they were mine I might have baskets around the house just like this.

image from the little cotton rabbits blog

She has some super cute patterns available on her personal shop as well as on Revelry. I have a few little ones in my life who would love one of these.

image from we (heart) it website

I hate dead links and I will try not to post too many of them but, with this one I couldn't help myself. They looks so darn cozy--- wish this one came with a pattern sadly I found it on we (heart) it and it is just of the image. Oh well one can dream!

image from Kris Knits blog

This cowl might be just the ticket this winter. I find a scarf very bulky and irritating when I drive but, this would keep me warm and not get in the way. You can find Kris Patay pattern on her blog or through Ravelry.

What have you been day dreaming about recently?

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