Thursday, October 17, 2013

Memories of Halloween Past

Halloween is almost here!

I always loved to come up with a costume and be something ghoulish for a day.

Two years ago I was invited to my first Halloween party in quite a few years. I only had a couple of days to put a costume together and being a lady of the Queen size persuasion finding a "costume" that will fit in stores is damn near impossible--- unless I wanted to be a ghost in a bed sheet. Which, I did not!

So the other option for a costume is to wear what you have and focus on makeup.
image from MissChievous blog

I started searching on YouTube and found a great look by Miss Chievous for a Black Widow inspired makeup.

Now I am not a makeup artist by any means though, I do love makeup and wanted to try to emulate the look.

I didn't have the products that she was using specifically but, I do have a pretty extensive makeup collection so was able to find products that worked.

I added my spiders in a different pattern than on the video and I loved how it turned out.

The Spiders were plastic and I glued them on with duo eyelash adhesive. If you want to do the same thing try to find spiders that are not hollow at the bottom, they stick better.

I added a faux hawk (I miss my long hair) and used enough hairspray to keep it in place until the end of time. This hair wasn't going anywhere.

My makeup ended up more purple that the original look but, overall I was really happy with it.

Hope you like it.

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